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Heraldry question (Coat of Arms) - COA

Postby Giuliano » 20 Dec 2008, 14:59

I understand that COA are family specific. In other words if my great great great grandfather had a COA, UNLESS it was willed down, generation to generation to the eldest son, I can't use it or call it mine. (please correct me if I'm wrong). The following 2 paragraphs are cut-paste from the Canadian Heraldic Authority.

Until heraldry was patriated to Canada, Canadians who wished to acquire arms from a lawfully established authority under the Crown were obliged to apply to one of Her Majesty's two heraldic offices in the United Kingdom: the College of Arms in London or the Court of the Lord Lyon in Edinburgh.

On June 4, 1988, then Governor General Jeanne Sauvé authorized the creation of the Canadian Heraldic Authority. This was made possible by new Letters Patent, signed by Her Majesty on the advice of Her Canadian Privy Council, which authorized and empowered "the Governor General of Canada to exercise or provide for the exercise of all powers and authorities lawfully belonging to Us as Queen of Canada in respect of the granting of armorial bearings in Canada". With these brief historic notes, Canada became the first Commonwealth country to patriate the practice of this ancient authority.

So.... now that I am looking to create a COA for my family, can anyone here help me in finding, creating and posting clipart? Or is anyone fluent in photo shop?

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Re: Heraldry question (Coat of Arms) - COA

Postby PeterTimber » 20 Dec 2008, 16:28

Go to www.free-genealogy.co.uk/heraldry.html for a very comprehensive site of shops and services. =Peter=

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