Need help with Austrian side

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Need help with Austrian side

Postby DeFilippis78 » 13 Mar 2010, 18:11

Anyone want to take a shot at this? My great grandfather is Rudolph Hosner born in 1884 in Austria. I have everything I can get on him as far as US documents, except a 1910 census. I never could find a ship manifest. Supposedly he came here as a baby, so it would be around 1884 or 5. His siblings are Andrew and Mary. His father is also Andrew Hosner and mother is Elizabeth but no documents say maiden name. Elizabeth claimed to be a widow on a census. I dont know if the father Andrew came here with the family or died in Austria and then she came with the kids. There is a possible link to the town Fuenfkirchen which is present day Hungary.Id like to find a ship manifest if possible.


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