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Postby NOLATom » 10 Jun 2011, 13:34

jhill, I don't see how you answered PeterTimber's request in anyway. What did you state that is "compelling" and different from ancestry???? And what are you doing trolling on sites ready to jump on someone's thread when they make a comment about your employer? Shouldn't you be somewhere scanning documents and adding to the collection instead of trying to drum up customers on forums???? Just saying.


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Postby jhill » 10 Jun 2011, 17:40

Hi Thomas, its our policy to answer questions related to our product on the web. At $39.95 annually, including a 7 day free trial, Archives is up to 80% less expensive than competitors. For many folks paying hundreds of dollars for a genealogy program just isn't feasible. Archives has compiled a database of over 1.2 billion records. You can view collections (and thus compare to other sites) here: Enjoy the weekend.

- Julie, Product Manager

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