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New York City - neat website

Postby vj » 21 May 2010, 13:33

Neat NYC site
even includes aerial views from the past

from Dick Eastman's genealogy blog ... -city.html

May 19, 2010
Find Your Ancestor's Building in New York City

An interesting city government web site will provide a map and even aerial photographs showing the location of the building where you or your ancestors lived in New York City. You key in a specific address and the result is a map of the area showing an outline of every building.

After locating a building, click "Show Additional Information" and data will be provided such as lot frontage, depth and area; year built; gross floor area; number of residential units; and whether it has been designated as a Landmark building.

If you click on the camera icon you get a slider with years on it, and get aerial photos taken in those years.

To access the maps and aerial photographs, go to:

My thanks to Harold Miller for telling me about this free web site.

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Re: New York City - neat website

Postby lilbees » 22 May 2010, 12:51

Hey VJ, this is great. Found some of the family lived within the same block area.

Researching: RESCIGNO, CATALANO, LA MAGRA, ANGRISANO, CALABRESE, PAGANO, GAGLIO, DE ANGELIS,COSTABILE Campania-Napoli/Salerno/Palermo, Italy and Tunisia Africa

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