My Heritage Look-Alike meter

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My Heritage Look-Alike meter

Postby Squigy » 15 Aug 2010, 02:06

Ever since I saw a photo of my great great grandmother with the woman that was said to be her wet nurse, I thought they looked alike. We tried this software, and found that the little bar on the bottom of the picture that shows how close of a match they are, was half full. We tried other relatives (female in-laws), and the bar was almost completely empty. How reliable would you say this software is?

Now, obviously, I can't draw any conclusions from this. But, I want to know if anyone can think of a reason she would pretend she wasn't really her daughter. I know people went to great lengths to avoid embarrasment back then, perhaps the child was the product of an affair, and this way she could have her daughter, and save face?

I'm in PA right now and am going to the courthouse soon to get my GG grandmother's marriage record, hopefully that will help.

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