Anybody else mixed with another ethnicity?

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Re: Anybody else mixed with another ethnicity?

Postby 113yearslater » 19 Jun 2014, 02:30

I recall a very informative Roots Tech presentation I saw online about Genetic Genealogy where the presenter talked about a very, very remote tribe of people who had pretty much been on their own for thousands of years, and some scientists took DNA samples and tried to isolate some genes that could be used as markers of just that one tribe. They couldn't do it. People have been fraternizing forever -- in the end, we're all mongrels. :-)
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Re: Anybody else mixed with another ethnicity?

Postby jennabet » 09 Jul 2014, 21:41

johnnyonthespot wrote:So far, it appears that I am the only "real" (read "100%") Italian in this group (with the exception of Livio, of course). :D

I must say, I am somewhat surprised.

Having committed the mortal sin of marrying a non-Italian, my son is 50% Italian, 25% English, 12.5% Irish and 12.5% Swedish. Or thereabouts.

Ciao Carmine, I'm contributing a few years late to this discussion but like yourself, I am also a "real" (read 100%) Italian with all four of my grand-parents born in the same region and same province of Italy and they and their ascendants have been there for at least 1,000 years. I have no children of my own to pass my Italian ethnicity onto but if I had had children with the love of my life (whom I met late in life), our children would be 3/4 Italian and 1/4 Mexican. A nice mix if I do say so myself.
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