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Panch Montalvo
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Researching past

Postby Panch Montalvo » 06 Feb 2012, 00:23

My name is Francisco Montalvo Ramirez, born in Puerto Rico in 1960. While researching ran into highly interesting facts about my ancestry which connects me with the Cofresi family which originated in Austria but long ago living in Trieste since 1600's and one time part of Italy after WW1. I believe that knowing my past will enrich my families future. Although the Cofresi name is a derivative of the Kofershin family name, it is important for me where my ancestry comes from. I have blue eyes unlike many of the other families with the same name. I also found Dutch, Spanish and other genelogical derivations to my blood line which makes me wonder even more the lineage from my family. Odd enough italian is spoken by my daughter and some by me, although mostly forgotten for lack of practice. My afinity for all Italian things also makes me wonder why...All I can come up with is woooow.

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