Does anyone know how to find family?

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Does anyone know how to find family?

Postby StarBlaziin » 23 Apr 2012, 19:25

Does anyone know how to find family in Italy? I know I have family there still. My dad was going to go to Italy to meet them with my uncle Sal but then he died. I don't know anything about them. No one else in my family knows either. I am really interested in finding them.

Thank you,
Kaitlin Peperato

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Re: Does anyone know how to find family?

Postby jscaduto » 25 Apr 2012, 01:39

Hello Kaitlin,
If you know what their full name and town they live in it may be possible to look them up in the Italian White Pages. If someone is listed with that exact name you could write to them asking them if they were the relatives that your Uncle had arranged to meet. If you speak Italian you also could just call them, asking the same questions. Whether you write or call please include the full name relative, your uncle, date and place of where they were to meet. It may jog a few memories. If there is not a white page listing with the name of your relative, you could also randomly call or write those with the same last name. Asking them if they are related to the person you are seeking. Who knows you may find a cousin or two.
Here is the link for the White Pages Italy.

Good Luck

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Re: Does anyone know how to find family?

Postby sdave » 27 Jun 2012, 03:43

Quite frankly, looking for a family would be tough if you do not have any form of record with them, or if you only know bits and pieces that are still going to be important in what you want to do. It would be great to start with the place that they are known to have lived on but when you do not have that kind of information with you, just bank on the white pages and hope that there aren't a lot of them in there.

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