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Postby magbag1 » 07 May 2015, 20:30

I am having a problem trying to figure out if Porzia's father is Tommaso Zito or a Di-Spirito. I do not know this person's first name.

What I have is she was married to a Domenico Zito.

She was born 1827 in Petina, Salerno, Campania, Italy and died April 17, 1892. Domenico Zito was born 1819 in the same place and died in the same place but I don't have a year of death. I don't have parents for Domenico Zito.

For Porzia Zito's parents I have Tommaso Zito being born in 1788 in Petina, Salerno, Campania and died Dec 12, 1869 there. Her mother was Maria Todino born 1798 in Petina, Salerno, Campania and died April 6, 1878 in the same place.

If the Mr. Di-Spirito is Porzia's father then I need info on him and I can't find it.

There are so many conflicting names and dates for people in this time period it's hard to tell who is who and what is right.

Domenico Zito and Porzia Zito were to have married and had Anna Rosa Zito, born 1859, same town, died in same town (but I think this just is another way to say she immigrated but I can't verify that either for sure) Anna married Gioacchino Carmelo Santoro who was born in 1861 same town, they married April 7, 1883, and he died in the same town. They had several children. One of those children is ta da! Filomena Santoro, born July 10, 1881, in the same town and died in the same town but could not have as this is my great grandmother if I'm correct, Minnie Moyer.

I think they say died in the town they were born in as another way of saying they immigrated because they in Italy don't know where that person immigrated to. Is that possible? Or is this Filomen Santoro not Minnie Moyer?

Thank you for any help.

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Postby PippoM » 08 May 2015, 09:44

If I understand (I apologise, but I'm native Italian), you have two questions:
- is Porzia Zito's father a Di Spirito, or Tommaso Zito?
- How is it ever possible that Filomena Santoro died in "same place", if she emigrated to the USA, where she was known as Minnie Moyer?

Well, I think you should show us the documents you base your assertions/questions on...
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Postby magbag1 » 08 May 2015, 22:20

I think what I posted earlier is wrong and I think I figured out why. One of Giacomina's siblings, several years older, grew up married and had a child and named her Filomena Santoro, born 1884, grandma is Filomena Pagano. Six years earlier Giacomina Santoro was born, 1878, mom is Filomena Pagano.

I got my generations mixed up I believe. Filomena Santoro is actually a niece to Giacomina Santoro, who is my great grandmother as originally believed.

Which means Porzia is not a direct blood relative to my great grandmother, but she is a grandmother to Filomena Santoro.

I hope I am right this time.

Thanks for listening.

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