Genealogy related googlepages working again!

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Genealogy related googlepages working again!

Postby Poipuo4 » 06 Dec 2007, 20:38

I just wanted to announce that my Celenza googlepage is back up and operational now. For some reason, unknown to us, Googlepages disabled our sites and put up a notice of violation of terms, which was false and misleading. We think it was due to a system wide malfunction of some sort.

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Re: Genealogy related googlepages working again!

Postby nuccia » 07 Dec 2007, 02:10

It appears your site was not the only one affected by the "glitch" ! Several sites were affected as were several gmail accounts.

Hopefully this won't happen again. I use gmail and haven't had a problem in two years..would hate to start now!
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