Old Online Family Trees at ancestry.com

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Old Online Family Trees at ancestry.com

Postby vj » 23 Dec 2007, 20:38

Old Online Family Trees at ancestry.com

From the ancestry.com blog

"Since 1999, our Online Family Tree system has helped almost 2 million people build family trees,
upload GEDCOM files and add their trees to Ancestry World Tree.
We’ve maintained this system for some time, but the it’s finally become outdated
and will soon be replaced with the Ancestry Member Tree system introduced in July 2006.
We realize this is a bitter disappointment for some of you who have worked in our Online Family Tree system for years.
This is an important step for us that lets us focus all our ability on creating one great system for everyone to use.
At nearly 8 years old, Online Family Tree is an ancient product (in internet years anyway), and
we feel it is important to move everyone to the new system while this one is still running.
If we prolonged this, it would be much more difficult to do this while the OFT system is on life-support."

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Re: Old Online Family Trees at ancestry.com

Postby PeterTimber » 23 Dec 2007, 21:21

Dear VJ I just received a notice that Family tree, Gen Circles have merged with My heritage so that one of its purposes is to inform owners when two developed family trees are connected by names and facts. Is this connnected in someway with whatyou are discussing VJ?=Peter=

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Re: Old Online Family Trees at ancestry.com

Postby vj » 24 Dec 2007, 14:39

Hello Peter!

I'm pretty sure the 3 you mentioned have managed to stay
independent of ancestry.com (so far)

The way I understand the situation at ancestry:
The family trees that are being 'eliminated' on ancestry
are the ones that were added before their 'new' program.
I know I have several on their system that I'll be glad
to have gone. I uploaded them when I first started out
and never updated them - this was back in abt 1999.
But, lots of folks have been updating theirs and it may
be a serious problem for them. Ancestry is offering a
way to have them switched over to their new system
before the program to update the older trees is removed.

I hesitate to post updates to ancestry because of the mixed
feelings that many people have about the company, but
it would be a real shame to have years of hard work
disappear from the database at ancestry without warning.

I believe the older tree database will remain, but it will only
be accessable by the original owner with a 'prompt' to move
their old file on ancestry to the new system after March 2008.

This information is only on their blog. I'm guessing the reason
is that many of these trees were uploaded before a 'userid'
was required to upload a tree - so there may be no way to
get in touch with the authors?

Boy, I hope I explained this correctly w/o confusing anyone
even further!


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