Looking for Riccio family info.

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Re: Looking for Riccio family info.

Postby Biff83 » 30 Mar 2007, 22:14


There are other places where you can search for records that do not require a subscription.

The Ellis Island site for ship manifests. Just requires you to register and set up a password.


The Steve Morse search site which I've found very helpful locating Ellis Island records.


The Italian Genealogical Group for locating information on Naturalization, Death, and other records in the five boros of New York City--Manhattan, Bronx, Richmond (Staten Island), Kings (Brooklyn) and Queens counties.


The Westchester County NY archives.


And others. We're all willing to help you in any way we can, so just ask when you're ready.

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Re: Looking for Riccio family info.

Postby nuccia » 30 Mar 2007, 22:33

I love this post! Its so easy to provide records to help posters but then what? People are always wanting to know what to do next and if we give them all the info it takes away some of the fun and most of the learning. Sometimes posters think "is that all?" or "is my tree done?" but genealogy isn't that simple.

Ok, will start a new post or if you all prefer, you can start it and I'll add to it. Since we all like the idea, it doesn't matter who starts it...no egos here! :lol: :lol:
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Re: Looking for Riccio family info.

Postby wldspirit » 30 Mar 2007, 23:21

Go for it........ :lol:

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