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Re: Italy Land Registry Records www.italianlaw.net

Postby AFConiglio » 11 May 2013, 19:06

"his firm was permitted access to all of Italy's land (abandoned) records". Why was one firm permitted access? Can any private individual gain access to this data? Does the Italian government charge for use of the database? How do we contact the actual source of the data?
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Re: Italy Land Registry Records www.italianlaw.net

Postby italianlaw » 11 May 2013, 21:24

To gain access to the proprietary data base one must possess certain credentials to receive authorization. The data base is maintained by the a department of the Italian Government responsible for changes to property title due to any form of alienation of the property (sales,gifting, inheritances, etc. There is a charge to use the data base. The funds derived pay the Italian staff to run the data base. Thus our office pays as well.

The data base is used by lawyers, surveyors, municipalities and other officials. In short, you cannot access it directly without Italian Government approval. Our office does have approval. So from our offices in San Francisco or Italy, we can see the records on all property transactions, wills, family members (alive or deceased decades ago)still on title to property.

Our mission is to claim back unclaimed family property according to Italian succession law. There are 1000s of abandoned properties. The descendants do not know that they still have a right to the property even after many decades. Genealogy buffs never reason in terms of property. This is an uphill battle to teach for Italian Americans, Italian Canadians, etc. that genealogy is not limited to family tree building through birth records, church records, ship manifests, etc.

Land record data is a treasure trove of information, an almost one stop shopping for one's family roots which includes property maps as well.

Anthony Alioto
San Francisco
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Re: Italy Land Registry Records www.italianlaw.net

Postby MoPet » 15 May 2013, 05:31

Mr Alioto- I have a question for you but your site isn't accepting my message when I try to send it. I am in search of records for roperty transactions, and information about family members who may have received title to property that belonged to my great grandparents in Poggio Imperiale. I don't think the land in question was abandonded, but it's a possibility. My great grandfather passed away in the area of Poggio Imperiale some time after 1944. Afterward, his wife emigrated to the US to live, leaving adult children who were settled in Poggio Imperiale, and taking younger children to the US with her. She returned to Italy later on to divide up the property between the adult children who had remained in Italy and were bickering about ownership. My interest is in locating that property, so that I may see it and photograph it on an upcoming trip to Italy, and not necessariy to see if it was abandonded or to claim it. That there may be descendants in the area is of interst as well. Might this be something you can help with? I can provide dates and locations for births, deaths and marriage records.

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Re: Italy Land Registry Records www.italianlaw.net

Postby detulliolaw » 07 Jun 2013, 10:38

We deal with a lot of Italian Succession and the right to land is often overlooked. Many properties in the south of Italy also have an enfiteusi which is where the land owner has given the right to another 'farmer' to effectively cultivate this land and make a living from the goods produced. Quite often in cases of abandonment the person with the enfiteusi takes over the land and this right is passed from father to son, the ownership right is often forgotten and so these cases need time and legal support to resolve.
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Re: Italy Land Registry Records www.italianlaw.net

Postby marymary52 » 07 Aug 2013, 04:25

I have the Alioto family name in my family. Related to Pietro Torre from Messina. Then New York, Florida and then San Francisco. He would hang out at the restaurant back in the late 50's early 60's He died in San Francisco in 1964 around 66years? Any collection with the Torre last name?
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