Which of these docs need Apostilles and/or translations?

Over 25 million Italians have emigrated between 1861 and 1960 with a migration boom between 1871 and 1915 when over 13,5 million emigrants left the country for European and overseas destinations.
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Which of these docs need Apostilles and/or translations?

Post by phil100a » 29 Aug 2008, 08:37

Here's another information request; you folks have been so helpful. Thanks!

My jure sanguinis starts with my GF. I think I have all the docs I need except for my grandparent's birth and marriage certificates from Sicily.

I'm going to apply in San Francisco, and will make an appointment as soon as I get the docs from Sicily.

My question. I've heard that only the documents that relate to the GF's "line" need Apostiles and translations.

If my wife and child want to apply for citizenship along with me, do they need the apostille and translation?

Here is a list of what I have with two columns. If someone in the know could check what I need for each doc (or not) it would be helpful.

Apolstille Translation

________ _________ GF Death Certificate

________ _________ GM Death Certificate

________ _________ Father's Birth Certificate

________ _________ Father's Death Certificate

________ _________ Mother's Birth Certificate

________ _________ Mother's Death Certificate

________ _________ My Parent's Marriage Certificate

________ _________ My Birth Certificate

________ _________ My Wife's Birth Certificate

________ _________ My Marriage Certificate

________ _________ My Child's Birth Certificate (over 21)

Another question: My parents were divorced when I was about 18). Do I need to get their divorce decree, and have apostille and translation done for that? Since the "line" is through my GF/father, would it matter at all if my father was divorced? I have seen the myitaliancitizenship.com website and it says "Any **applicable** divorce decrees/certificates (my emphasis). Is my father's divorce applicable in this case? Do I need that decree?

Are there any other docs that require Apostille and translation? I don't think there are, but please let me know if there are any. The Naturalization papers don't, and the docs from Italy don't.

Also, what can I expect to pay for translations, and how do I find a domestic translator? I have already written someone on these boards (In Italy), so I suppose I could ask that person). What should I expect to pay for translation?

Thanks, in advance,

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Re: Which of these docs need Apostilles and/or translations?

Post by federici1999 » 30 Aug 2008, 00:04

Hi Phil this is what Ive been told. Its line of decent. For me it was my grandfathers Death. His birth and marriage I aquired from Italy. My fathers birth and marriage. He is still alive and my birth and marriage.
All of these had to be in long form and apostiled. All certificates for them needed to be translated to Italian along with the apostiles. I was told my grandmothers , mothers and wife only needed to be in long form and not translated or apostiled . I am not sure of the divorce decree but I do remember reading somewhere that it also needs to be apostiled and translated. I paid $50.00 per page. Hope this helps
Thanks Bob

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Re: Which of these docs need Apostilles and/or translations?

Post by mler » 30 Aug 2008, 16:09

Phil, if neither of your parents are applying for citizenship, their divorce should not be an issue. You are a child of a marriage that existed until you reached the age of majority. Their subsequent divorce has no effect on your line. You don't need to mention it, and they won't ask.

However, if either parent is planning to apply, the divorce decree is essential.

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