Four Short Naturalization Record Questions

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Four Short Naturalization Record Questions

Post by phil100a » 02 Oct 2008, 18:53

I'm seeking jure snaguinis through my GF.

Four questions:

Monroe County (New York) sent me a copy of my GF's naturalization declaration and other papers. It's a xerox copy without any certified stamps. It's about 95% legible - whoever copied it folded over a small part of the first page. It's not that great a copy, but all vital information can be seen. Also, I just noticed a discrepancy between my **GM's** birth date as listed on my GF's naturalization paper) and my *GM's* birth certificate from Italy. the dates are one year and one day apart.

1) Do I have to reconcile those dates for my GM, even though I'm pursuing jure sanguinis through my GF? If so, do I do this with the County office, and how long does something like that usually take?

2) Do I need to get a better copy of the naturalization papers.

3) Do I need to get the naturalization record certified?

4) Do I need to obtain an apostille for the copied naturalization record?

As always, thanks in advance to all those who are so kind to share their time and knowledge in this forum.

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Re: Four Short Naturalization Record Questions

Post by matta » 02 Oct 2008, 22:24

Let's go with the easiest ones first

4) If applying in the US, you do not need an apostille for naturalization documents.

1) You can't reconcile them. Naturalization documents cannot be changed. Regardless, it won't be a problem.

2) As long as all the key information is there, you should be fine. Also, if it's just the certificate of arrival or something like that, it should be fine. Many times, they courts are printing off scanned documents, and those documents are often scanned poorly (someone did a lot of scanning so quantity comes before quality sometimes). But it couldn't hurt to get a better copy if one exists.

3) I don't really know. Ordinarily, I would say "yes", however the USCIS no longer issues certified naturalization documents (only "informational" copies). But, if it's not too much trouble, I would get a certified or notarized copy. It's one less hassle at the meeting with the citizenship officer.

Finally, you have checked with your consulate to make sure that you don't need a Certificate of Naturalization, right? Monroe shouldn't be able to issue you that document (only USCIS).

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