Carmela Nigrelli Romano AKA Lena

Over 25 million Italians have emigrated between 1861 and 1960 with a migration boom between 1871 and 1915 when over 13,5 million emigrants left the country for European and overseas destinations.
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Carmela Nigrelli Romano AKA Lena

Post by Romano1970 » 10 Dec 2008, 17:57

Hello All.

I have been looking for (with no luck) naturalization, and or citizenship papers for my grandmother Carmela ( Lena ) Nigrelli (maiden) Romano.

She was born July 9 1893 in Mussomeli Sicilia and came to america April of 1920 Via Ellis island. Once in america she lived in Passaic NJ with her brother Salvatore Nigrelli untill she was married to my grandfather (marriage date unknown, also trying to find out) Lorenzo Romano Born February 2 1889 in Piazza Armerina Sicilia.

Thanks in advance
Michael Romano

Chi va piano va sano e va lontano

Those who go slowly, go safely and go far

Looking for family history in Piazza Armerina, Aidone, and Musomelli Sicily.
Names researching: Romano, Nigrelli, Ristagno, Piazza Maida Triolo.

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