Naturalisation after 3 years of residence for Ital. descent

Over 25 million Italians have emigrated between 1861 and 1960 with a migration boom between 1871 and 1915 when over 13,5 million emigrants left the country for European and overseas destinations.
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Naturalisation after 3 years of residence for Ital. descent

Post by gazza » 09 Oct 2003, 02:08

I don't qualify for the Jus Sanguis apply at the consulate type of citizenship. So I want to know if anybody has any data on the naturalisation route.

My paternal great grandfather was an Italian citizen. My grandmother was born 2 years before he became a US citizen. So according to the rules my grandmother was a citizen. However, she gave birth to my father in 1944 so she didn't pass citizenship on to my dad (since the law doesn't recognise births to a female before the 1948
Italian constitution).

As far as I can see I can only apply for naturalisation after living in Italy for 3 years.
I assume I will need to somehow posthumously register my grandmother's italian citizenship.

Anybody with any feedback?


1. The President of the Republic, after consulting the State Council, on the
recommendation of
the Minister of Internal Affairs, grants Italian citizenship to:
a) an alien, whose father or mother or one of the direct ascendants in II
degree were Italian
nationals by birth, or who was born in the territory of the Republic and, in
both cases, has had
his legal residence in Italy for at least 3 years, saving art.4, comma1,

Art. 9.
1. La cittadinanza italiana può essere concessa con decreto del Presidente
della Repubblica,
sentito il Consiglio di Stato, su proposta del Ministro dell'interno:
a) allo straniero del quale il padre o la madre o uno degli ascendenti in
linea retta di secondo
grado sono stati cittadini per nascita, o che è nato nel territorio della
Repubblica e, in entrambi
i casi, vi risiede legalmente da almento tre anni, comunque fatto salvo quanto
dall'articolo 4, comma 1, lettera c);

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Post by ptimber » 09 Oct 2003, 02:20

The website relates to Italian dual citizenship and may be of assistance to you should an attorney or someone acquainted with rules,regulations,policy and procedures concerning italian citizenship contact you and off their assistance. I would thinkl that appropriate legal assistance would be the best route . Peter

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