Help with documents

Over 25 million Italians have emigrated between 1861 and 1960 with a migration boom between 1871 and 1915 when over 13,5 million emigrants left the country for European and overseas destinations.
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Help with documents

Post by rhoads » 02 May 2009, 15:08

Hi, Great website, which I am new to!

Can anyone help direct me to where I can find documents of my grandparents and great grandparents? My great grandparents were born in Naples, Italy, Gennaro Brancale and Adelaide Brancale. My grandfather was born in Naples and emmigrated to NY when he was 1 in great grandparents were 26 (Gennaro) and 21 (Adelaide) when they all arrived. From the math, Gennaro was born in 1878 and Adelaide was born in 1883. My grandmother, Gladys was born in NY.
I'm lost on where to start in trying to obtain these documents(marriage certs, birth certs etc)....any help with direction or good resources would be very much appreciated! Thank you!!

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Re: Help with documents

Post by suanj » 02 May 2009, 15:29

Gennaro was born the 19 Sep 1877;
World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
about Gennaro Brancale
Name: Gennaro Brancale
City: Manhattan
County: New York
State: New York
Birth Date: 19 Sep 1877
Race: White
Roll: 1786857
DraftBoard: 165

maybe Adelaide surname was Bozza or Bozzo???
If Gennaro was born in Naples( Napoli) you can request the birth certificate and marriage certificate to:

Servizio Stato Civile del Comune di Napoli
2° traversa dell'Epomeo, Parco Quadrifoglio
80126 Napoli (NA)
email serv-statocivile @ ( NO SPACES)
helpful form letter in italian language: ... /index.asp
For Adelaide you must know the right birth surname and birthdate....
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Re: Help with documents

Post by rhoads » 02 May 2009, 16:03

Wow! Thank you very much, this is a great starting point for me. I was feeling a little discouraged because I couldn't find any real help with this. From my Geni family tree, it looks like Adelaide's maiden name is Bovio.
I am trying to obtain dual citizenship and it seems that I am eligible because my grandfather and great grandfather were born in Naples.
I'll email that site you sent for the docs. Do you have any experience with the process of obtaining dual citizenship?

Thanks again!


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Re: Help with documents

Post by Biff83 » 02 May 2009, 16:55

For reference, lines 20-22
1904 manifest
Joining mother-in-law Mathilda Bovio at 220 E. 120th Street

Adelaide's parents in 1920 census?
1920 census
Name: Cleyutano Bovio
[Clemente? Bovio]
Home in 1920: 219 E. 120th St, Manhattan Assembly District 20, New York, New York
Age: 82 years
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1838
Birthplace: Italy
Relation to Head-of-house: Head
Spouse's name: Matilda
Father's Birth Place: Italy
Mother's Birth Place: Italy
Marital Status: Married
Home owned: Rent
Year of Immigration: 1909
Able to read: Yes
Able to Write: Yes
Household Members: Name Age
Clemente? Bovio 82
Matilda Bovio 72
Ciro Bovio 34
Anbedenole?? Bovio 44

1910 census
Name: Matilda Bovio
Age in 1910: 61
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1849
Birthplace: Italy
Relation to Head-of-house: Mother
Father's Birth Place: Italy
Mother's Birth Place: Italy
Home in 1910: E. 113th Street, Manhattan Ward 12, New York, New York
Marital Status: Widowed??
Household Members: Name Age
Vincent Bovio, head, age 21
Ciro Bovio, brother, age 23
Congeta (Concetta?) Bovio, sister, age 30
Matilda Bovio, mother, age 61

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Re: Help with documents

Post by vj » 02 May 2009, 19:02

:D Hi Erich, suanj & Biff,
it appears that the two families may have lived next door to each other in 1920.

Gennaro Brancale

possible 1920 census

Home in 1920:
217 E 120th Street, rents
Manhattan Assembly District 20, New York, New York

head Genuaso Branscombe 42, abt 1878 IT
- immig 1904, FP (1st papers for naturalization) 1917
- bakery, store
wife Adelaida Branscombe 36, abt 1884 IT
- immig 1904
son Ralph Branscombe 16, abt 1904 IT
daughter Matilda Branscombe 14, abt 1906 NY
son Louis Branscombe 12, abt 1908 NY
daughter Mary Branscombe 10, abt 1910 NY
daughter Helen Branscombe 8, abt 1912 NY
son Clemant Branscombe 6, abt 1914 NY

1925 manifest
includes naturalization information

09 Aug 1925 SS Presidente Wilson, Napoli to NY
line 16

Gennaro Brancale 48
- married
- NAT.PAPERN.I 428752 OF S.S.C OF NEW YORK 8/31/20
- Pass No 53905
- 217 E 120 St NYC

more on naturalization

New York County Supreme Court Naturalization Petition Index, 1907-24

Name: Gennaro Brancale
Address: 217 E. 120 St.
Date: 31 Aug 1920
Volume #: 425 Page #: 209

These may help you locate New York City records:

Dr Steve Morse One Step Search Pages for New York
NY Naturalization
NYC Birth Records 1891-1902 (requires ancestry. com subscription)
NYC Groom Index 1864-1936
NYC Bride Index ????-1937
NYC Death Records 1891-1948

Ordering NYC Vital Records
New York City Archives

from NYC records by the Italian Genealogical Group

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