do I qualify for dual citizenship?

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do I qualify for dual citizenship?

Post by vintagegamer » 29 Sep 2009, 16:59

I really hope I do, as I think I have enough links, but I am looking for confirmation and help through the steps if at all possible. I have read through some of the other links on this site about the process, but it looks very involved and I don't want to screw ANYTHING up to make it not go through, if I am qualified! Here is my history:

I am 1/2 Italian, on my mother's side. My mother's father's family were from Giusvalla, near Savona. My mother's mother's family I have traced back to Canelli, in Asti. I have the birth certificates for both of her maternal grandparents from Canelli. My mother's mother was born in the USA in 1913.

Where things get shaky for me is with my mother's father's family. Her father was actually born in Toulon, France (have the birth certificate). I have not found any naturalization information on him or his father as of yet. However, I have documentation for my mother's paternal grandmother who came from Giusvalla, she became a citizen in the USA in 1928 it appears.

I can provide more details but wanted to make sure I didn't already make my data too confusing.

My questions are:

1. do I qualify for dual citizenship (I believe so but looking for stronger confirmation)?

2. which relative would it be best to use as my "tie" back to Italy?


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