Brothers Alberto-Lodovico Mori in Romania!

Over 25 million Italians have emigrated between 1861 and 1960 with a migration boom between 1871 and 1915 when over 13,5 million emigrants left the country for European and overseas destinations.
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Brothers Alberto-Lodovico Mori in Romania!

Post by fghillani » 02 Nov 2009, 15:25

Seeking information on siblings Mori, Alberto (n.1873) and Lodovico (n.1881) Montechiarugolo (Parma, Emilia-Romagna, Italy) come together for Transylvania, probably in 1899, Albert as agricultural expert sent by A. Bizzozzero, we had already visited several times in previous years.
After a few years Albert and Lodovico were followed by his older brother Serafino Mori (n.1871) and his wife married in 1901 in Italy, Esterina Adorni; him we found the tracks in the city of Iasi, Romania today, where the Catholic cemetery is buried together with his daughters, Alice, Nella, Elna, has for years maintained a restaurant near a major military installation, living in the suburb of Iasi Bucium, in the home of a certain Vignali, subsequently, in the way Viilor and Golia.
We also learned that in Ploesti are living descendants of one of his daughters, Nella, Pietro and Giovanni Tanasescu. Tanasescu's daughter came to meet us in Italy some years ago, but without being able to say anything of (?!?) Alberto, and of Ludovico Mori whose existence seemed not to know, and who seem to have disappeared into thin air promising to seek their news to his father.
Alberto given his age he was married only a religious rite with my maternal grandmother Teresa with whom he had three sons: Romeo (my grandfather), Concetta and Augusto, born in 1899 probably just after the last start of Alberto with his brother Lodovico who was just over fifteen to TRansilvania.
We also know that Alberto had forbidden his wife Teresa, who at the time did not want to follow him with two young children and a third on the way, to reveal to others his residence in Transylvania.
In fact after the departure of Serafino, Alberto has stopped sending money to family and news. The same Serafino and his wife, after their final arrangement does not appear to have indicated very most of your home to life in Romania, unless a photo that shows them together with three daughters, but especially not the fate of two brothers.
A voice is not controlled that the final sum would come to her grandmother Teresa in "their" Alberto was in "francs", opening the possibility of a further shift following the arrival against his will of his older brother.
However, we are aware of two appearances of Lodovico in Italy, the first, which seems to refer to a picture found in possession of his niece Bice, for enrollment (1915) for the service during the First World War, the second around 1938, with his wife and two children, but not finding anyone in the family (the parents were died) and her sisters may find difficulty in being, it is divided again, not to be anymore, perhaps bringing with them the truth about the fate of Alberto.

Thanks for all suggestions you can give me!
Cerco notizie su mio bisnonno Alberto Mori (n. 1874) nato a Montechiarugolo (Parma) ed emigrato insieme al fratello Lodovico in Transilvania tra la fine del 1800 e l'inizio del 1900. Lodovico ha abitato a Bucarest almeno dal 1910 al 1913 anni in cui naquero i figli Angiolina e Antonio, ed è sepolto a Ploiesti. A Bucarest oggi vivono i nipoti Angela e Petre figli di Antonio.

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Re: Brothers Alberto-Lodovico Mori in Romania!

Post by PeterTimber » 08 Nov 2009, 21:08

Dear Mr F Ghillani the Genealogy person for assisting you with Romanian genealogy advised she would like to assist you. SDhe advised you to send her an e-mail at ZLATALZBETKA3@AMERITECH.NET Petertimber NYC

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