Yet another post on certifying a naturalization certificate

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Yet another post on certifying a naturalization certificate

Post by jwazevedo » 11 Dec 2009, 22:06

When I started the Italian citizenship earlier this year, I thought I understood the current take on providing the naturalization certificate. My case was straight-forward. My grandfather naturalized well after my mother was born. I checked with the county where he naturalized, but their records are gone. However, I found the index and sent a request to USCIS for the certificate. After 3 months I got the typical reply, including a letter acknowledging my request and four pages of naturalization records, including the certificate. I further understood that this was all I was going to get from USCIS, that they no longer certified the records. I gave all of this material to the consulate here in Vancouver.

The consulate is now asking me for a certified copy of the naturalization certificate.

I have seen it said in this forum: "Now that USCIS is only producing uncertified copies, the consulates are accepting them." My questions are:

* Does anyone have direct experience with a consulate accepting uncertified naturalization records as provided by the USCIS? If so, which consulates?

* Can anyone verify that the Federal government is not issuing certified copies of naturalization certificates? (I searched the USCIS and NARA websites but couldn't find a statement to that effect.)



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