NARA doesn't certify letters of No Record

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NARA doesn't certify letters of No Record

Post by lunastella » 16 Dec 2009, 21:15

Maybe folks are already aware of this, but when the National Archives does not find a record of naturalization, they will send a letter that indicates so, and provided the details of the search. But they do not certify these letters. Or so this is what I was told by the person who responded to my Nat'l Archives research request today.

I thought I read on the SF or LA website of the Italian Embassy that a certified letter of no record is required from the NARA. Seems like they need every document certified wherever possible.

I've read on here that sometimes people receive different information depending on who they speak to at these agencies. Can anyone else confirm one way or the other?

Thanks, all!


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Re: NARA doesn't certify letters of No Record

Post by taxi55 » 20 Dec 2009, 02:16

Hi Jessica.

I was also advised by NARA that they do not certify - they will however send you a "statement" that you can provide to the consulate. You should also obtain a USCIS Certification of Non-existence to submit to the consulate. NARA is very fast with their replies ... USCIS - not so fast. :(

Good luck!
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