Need help with San francisco Consulate Application Form

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Need help with San francisco Consulate Application Form

Post by phil100a » 22 Feb 2010, 23:26

I have an appointment coming up with the Consulate (San Francisco) in a few months. I am applying with my adult son. I have two questions

1) I am applying with my son, over 21. We both have to fill the application (attached) out. My first question has to do with what my son fills out. The first line of Italian heritage for him is his great grandfather. On the application he is asked to list my grandfather's information. Should he also include my father and me in the following sections - i.e. the entire lineage? btw, the same question applies to me. Should I list my grandfather (who came from Italy) and my father (deceased) who was born in America? Attached to this question is another part of the requirement on these forms - the one that asks about addresses. Is my son supposed to list all addresses he has lived since 18? should I? What about my father and grandfather.'s places of residence? Any help is appreciated.

2) My second question is this. My father's original birth certificate says "Giovanni" as his first name. Of course, he was called the name "John" as he grew old enough to go to school, and every piece of official paper lists him as "John". I called the Consulare to ask about this, about a year ago, and I was told to simply list the "inconsistencies" that I see in names on a separate sheet of paper, because the situation I'm talking about comes up quite a bit, where one's given name becomes "Americanized" after birth. I was told it will not be a problem. I trust the Consulare, but I don't want to run into any unexpected snags. It's probably too late to amend my Dad's birth certificate, but it's obviously the same person that ALL certificates are talking about. Anyone have experience with this?

Thanks, in advance,

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Re: Need help with San francisco Consulate Application Form

Post by Roccella » 25 Feb 2010, 06:24

Hi! Good luck with your app, our appt is tomorrow.

As to your questions: trust the consulate on Giovanni/John issue. That is the opinion I have heard from everyone who has previously applied.

As to the forms: I am not completely sure about this because I did not apply with anyone else. I would guess that:

Your main forms should all start with the italian born ascendant, and then come down to you. So his should be ggf-gf-f-self and yours should just be gf-f-self-child.

You each should fill out the 2A for yourselves. It just asks for city/stae and dates, not addresses. 2B if you are applying together, you'll need a 2B for you and a 2B filled out for your dad (his GF) the american-born ascendant.

In any case, better to have too many forms than not enough.

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