Marriage Records from NY State

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Marriage Records from NY State

Post by shannonsapt » 21 Mar 2010, 18:03


Does anyone know how to obtain certified copies of marriage certificates from New York State if both the bride and groom are deceased.

My great grandparents were married around 1918. I can find information about how to obtain genealogical copies of marriage certificates that are more than 50 years old with both people deceased, but there are not the certified copies that I need for my dual citizenship application.

New York seems to make it difficult to obtain these records. They say they can be released with a court order - well, how is one supposed to get one of those?!

Any help is greatly appreciated!

thank you!

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Re: Marriage Records from NY State

Post by Drew927 » 21 Mar 2010, 19:04

Use this link: ... rriage.htm for NY State.

If the marriage took palce in NYC you can contact the Municipal Archives at: ... ives.shtml

NYC records will need a letter of exemplification and a City Clerk Stamp before it can be Apostilled. Request the letter when you request the document

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