Naturalization Certificate

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Naturalization Certificate

Post by Drew927 » 10 Jul 2010, 16:20

Does anyone know how to obtain a Certified Naturalization Certificate from the USCIS.
I have a certified Verification of Naturalization from the county clerks office where it took place but still need the other document for the Miami Consulate.
The NARA does not have it and the USCIS web site only allows genealogy requests which are not certified.

Any help?

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Re: Naturalization Certificate

Post by johnnyonthespot » 10 Jul 2010, 19:04

I think Miami has slipped off the deep end into the Atlantic. I cannot imagine any reason why they are making such a silly demand, especially since you already have a certified copy of the official naturalization records.

I don't know what is obtainable from USCIS. There is an option to order a "replacement" copy for a lost certificate, but it costs hundreds of dollars and I believe it is only available to the original named individual.

If you do a simple Genealogy Records Request, you will get a copy (usually a very bad copy) of the certificate but it will not be certified.

What Miami's web site actually says (note: "Father" below is generic term; it refers to your Italian ancestor whomever that may be in your llineage):
YOUR FATHER'S CERTIFICATE OF NATURALIZATION or his Italian passport and "Alien Registration Card" ("green card").

If your father became a US citizen but his Certificate of Naturalization is not available, you must provide the following:

a) Official statement (in original, not photocopy, and with the Office Seal) from the US Immigration and Naturalization Services in Washington D.C. (425 I Street NW, 2nd Floor - ULLICO Bldg, Washington, D.C. 20536) and from the Court County in which he resided, stating the number of the Certificate of Naturalization and the date of his naturalization. The statement must show your father's full name (and any other names he went by on any official documents), place of birth and date of birth, date of the naturalization, certificate number. If he never became a US citizen, you must show his Italian passport and Alien Registration Card. ... tadinanza/
Personally, I think having a certified copy of the naturalization documents which shows the Oath of Allegiance (or Order Admitting Petitioner) section along with the certificate number should be sufficient. However as I read the statemnet above, you would contact that office and ask for an official statement certifying that your ancestor naturalized and giving his certificate number, blah, blah, blah.

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