Divorce - Certificate of No Appeal

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Divorce - Certificate of No Appeal

Post by VittorioE » 18 Sep 2010, 22:46

Hey kids!

Anyone have a form that i can use for a Certificate of No Appeal of Divorce for the Superior Court of the Great State of New Jersey ?

Carmine - I saw you had one that quoted California Law... I was wondering if anyone had any experience with New Jersey!!?

Let me know... One of the last two pieces of paperwork I need! :lol:


VE (who's a little punch drunk from photocopying and stapling)

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Re: Divorce - Certificate of No Appeal

Post by johnnyonthespot » 21 Sep 2010, 02:45

Hi, VE.

To the best of my knowledge, a "Certificate of No Appeal" is simply a document issued by the clerk of the Court which states that as of a particular date, their is no pending action in the matter of the divorce and that the divorce is considered final and closed. It would seem to me that a court clerk should know how to create this document.

I found this on the New Jersey consulate's site (in regards to registering a divorce):
4) Certificate from the Court attesting that "the divorce decree is "final" and that there are "no appeals pending". This certificate may also be substituted by either:
- a letter from your attorney which attests that according to the law in force, it is no longer possible to appeal your divorce case or
- a "record of divorce" issued by the Department of Healt-Vital Records of the State which issued the divorce decree (To request certificates of Vital Statistics ( birth, marriage, death) NEW JERSEY DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH - DIVISION OF VITAL STATISTICS, CN 370 TRENTON, NJ 08625. Tel. 609 633-8258)
http://www.consnewark.esteri.it/Consola ... to_civile/
Have you contacted the court clerk's office to inquire about a Certificate of No Appeal?

My hobby is finding things. Having found most of my own, I am happy to help others find theirs. PM me! :)

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