No records letter and consulate

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No records letter and consulate

Post by SChiarini » 24 Sep 2010, 15:39

Hi all

I was wondering if anyone else had the same issue.

As a recap, I am going through the NYC consulate GGF-->GM-->F-->M

My GGF applied for a declaration of intent in 1929, my grandmother was born in July 1930 (have a census from April 1930 to say he was still an alien) and passed away in 1932 before he could apply for his last papers.

I was informed not to bother showing the consulate the declaration of intent because all they are interested in is his final papers.

I have no records letters from USCIS, Nara and kings county court, however here lies the problem.

On his Dec papers he put his birthday as Sept 6, 1890 when his birthday is Sept 6,1889. I originally had USCIS and Nara write give me two separate letters for each birthday and one with those birth dates together, but decided to just present the letters that said 1889, since there were no discrepancies with his birth date on any other papers.

My question is, once my application gets accepted and processed, what will happen then in regards to the non-cert letters? Will they double check to see if he never naturalized? And if they find he applied for dec papers do you think it will delay my application and or reject it?

Thanks all

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