Unresponsive comune, its been almost a year!!!

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Re: Unresponsive comune, its been almost a year!!!

Post by hollyolly7 » 02 Dec 2010, 14:51


No word yet right? Let me know if you hear anything..feel free to contact me with a personal message


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Re: Unresponsive comune, its been almost a year!!!

Post by maccaro » 08 Dec 2010, 22:40

Never had problem getting responses w. e-mail messages w. the Stato Civile to get my mother civil state. Only with Casino it took a year to get a snail mail response but with reason all the archives were destroyed during WWII bombardment. But still they got back giving my G-mother court stato civile copy.

Here is the adress of your town:

Ufficio Anagrafe Stato Civile ed Elettorale

Responsabile di Area: Francesco Lerro
Responsabile del Servizio: Alessandra Raffaini
Collaboratrice: Monzo Carmela
Indirizzo: via Madonna di Fatima
Orario: dal lunedì al venerdì dalle ore 8:30 alle ore 14:00 / martedì e mercoledì dalle 15:00 alle 18:00
Telefono: Centralino 0974.909078
Fax: 0974/909900
Responsabile: 329.3605044

Posta Certificata: ragioneria.stellacilento@asmepec.it

Here is the copy of the email I've in Italian were I have remove the names:

Egregio signore,

Mi chiamo YOUR NAME, ed abito nel YOUR COUNTRY, all'indirizzo sottadetto. Cerco l'atto di nascita della mia madre, THE NAME OF THE FAMILY RESEARCHED, figlia di NAME OF BOTH PARENTS. Mama e nata il DATE OF BIRTH.

Vi sarei molto grato se poteste spediarmi il cerficato del l'atti di nascita o il stato di famiglia.

Vi ringrazio in anticipo per la vostra gentilezza e premura, e vi prego di addebitarmi tutte le spesi postali e dei certificati.

Distinti saluti,


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Re: Unresponsive comune, its been almost a year!!!

Post by Italysearcher » 09 Dec 2010, 05:53

Be sure to include photo ID. Stella Cilento, and many other towns are very insistent on protecting privacy and will only provide records to 'interested' parties. Just wanting it for your family tree sometimes isn't enough,
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Re: Unresponsive comune, its been almost a year!!!

Post by iolanda2 » 17 Aug 2013, 23:41

I had this problem with the Comune di Medolla. So I wrote a letter to the town mayor, the sindaco - not certain about the spelling, anyway he told the analgrafe to take care of me and I received the information requested in about 10 days

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