Correcting Birth Certificate/ Marriage Certificate Question

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Correcting Birth Certificate/ Marriage Certificate Question

Post by ande » 04 Nov 2010, 20:28

Hi Forum Members,
I will be applying to have my birth certificate corrected/ammended to have my mother's maiden name corrected on it from Messina to Masino. I will show the State of New Jersey her birth certificate from New York that show her correct first and last names and her death certificate from NJ that shows her father's correct last name as Masino. Her first name is incorrect on the death certificate too however because it has Jean aka Josephine when her birth certificate has Giuseppina. My parent's marriage certificate also has her maiden name incorrect as Jean Masino.
I think it would be better to have my birth certificate corrected first before I apply to have my parent's marriage certificate corrected because that will give more substance for that correction. What do you think?
Does anyone have any idea if the state will correct or ammend my birth certificate and later my parent's marriage certificate with this documentation and a letter of explanation?
P.S. If the state won't correct these documents, do you think the consulate will consider the explanation?
Thanks, Ande

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