Any Info? RE: USCIS & Historical Assn

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Any Info? RE: USCIS & Historical Assn

Post by jennabet » 23 Jan 2011, 20:46

Back in September, I received a "No Records Found" letter with raised seal from USCIS. In December after I found a Cert. #, I resubmitted my request and have received notification from USCIS Geneology that "the records you are seeking are pending review as required by the US Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C #552, which must be completed before we can release the record to you". This means I may have to wait six months.

That record is specifically, Cert.#C405951, Date of Nat. 8/04/1913, City/County: Emporium/Cameron, State: Pennsylvania, Court: Cameron County

I found out about this naturalization because a distant relative who may have been involved with the Cameron County Historical Association and worked for the local library sent me a plain piece of paper listing family names and this "C" number was on it. The plain piece of paper was included in a 70 page type-written family tree booklet prepared by a local woman in the county. She is not a relative -- just another member of the Cameron County Historical Association.

I have been in touch with the Cameron County Court house several times. They did send me a copy of the Declaration of Intention but after several searches, could not come up with the Certificate of Naturalization. I maintain that this is because the Cameron County Historical Assn. may have removed the document. I have also spoken with the Cameron County Historical Assn and they were not interested in being cooperative.

For my own case, I went straight to the Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives and received a copy of my grand-father's Naturalization papers within ten days.

We are talking about State/County/Federal records here. They should be maintained in their proper places. What can I do to get the Cameron County Courthouse to retrieve a copy of the document and send it to me?

Who are these people running the historical associations? What is their authority? All of this nonsense has significantly delayed our case.

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