Marriage Certificate not Available??

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Marriage Certificate not Available??

Post by MyNameHere » 14 Feb 2011, 23:11

My great-grandparents and grandparents were married in Erie, PA. I e-mailed requesting a search to get a copy of their marriage certificates, and I was told that they were unable to give these records.

The reason is that they give the marriage certificate to the married couple for safe keeping. I was told the best they could was to give me a copy of the marriage license application.

Is that generally the case for people? I thought I would be able to order one, but I guess not...? Would a marriage license application be good enough?

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Re: Marriage Certificate not Available??

Post by jennabet » 15 Feb 2011, 00:46

I was able to get a copy of the grand-parents marriage license application dated 1912 from Cameron County, PA, which is on the fringe of Western Pennsylvania. The marriage license application is actually what you need because it's basically the long-form of the marriage certificate and has more information on it. Make sure you get a certified copy (with a raised seal on it).

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