SFO Appt Re-Cap - 5 April 2011

Over 25 million Italians have emigrated between 1861 and 1960 with a migration boom between 1871 and 1915 when over 13,5 million emigrants left the country for European and overseas destinations.
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SFO Appt Re-Cap - 5 April 2011

Post by jgenduso » 10 Apr 2011, 21:33

Here is my day today - Jure Sanguis Appt in SFO at 1100 pst. (Really Long Post)

Day of Appointment Trials and Tribulations:
I am flying out of PDX to SFO. Woke at 3 AM. It’s cold and not a great weather day in PDX. I get ready, drive to the train station. I wait in the cold for 20 minutes and catch light rail the train to the airport. I found out my plane had issues so they gave us a new plane. We get on the new plane and take off at ~6:25 instead of 6:15. About 35 minutes into the flight, the captain comes on and says that they have to turn around back to Portland and get us a new plane. Something having to do with communications. We go back, land and then board the new plane. It is now 8:45 Am. New plane flight to gate is ~1 ½ hrs. So we are looking at 10:15 at the gate and then find a cab to go downtown. Plane flight is great. Takes 1:30 minutes exact. I’m in the back of the plane. Flight attendants ask everyone to wait while I go up to the front. I’m 1st out of the plane. Run to get a cab. Weather is amazing. Sunny and about 65 degrees.
Took Cab from airport – Took about 25 minutes. Drops me off in front of the consulate.
It is a very nice building. See Picture Below.

I walked in, in front is a glass window with a place for 2 employees to stand and receive information. To the left is a door and the wall with the door is mirrored.
A young lady comes through the door with someone on consulate business. She asked if I was there for an appointment. I say yes and she goes behind the door and then the glass. She talks to a gentleman in a nice suit and he comes around to the door and lets me in. I am greeted by Giorgio Imparato, Head of Consular Services. I shake his hand and he explained Mr. Cei missed the train and that he would be talking to me. He was very nice, very cordial and very professional. Giogio previously worked in the NY and Miami consulates. He said usually Mr. Cei did all the Jure Sanguis apps but he would be working with me. He takes me back to his office and we get started.

Appt Recap:
He asks for my documentation. I can tell he hasn’t done this for a while.
Reminder – I am GF->F->me-> my minor children
He asks for my application. He goes through it and sees everything is in order on the app. I jump in, in a nice way and start talking through the documents in order that is shown in the consulate’s instructions.

-GF birth from Italy - OK
- GM birth from Italy – OK - He asks if it was tough to get the docs from Italy. I explain it was for one and not the other. He looks like he has heard that a lot and it saddened by it.
- GF & GM marriage (NYC marriage) - OK, NYC certified , apostille w/translation
- GF naturalization papers – I hand him the .pdf copy I got from USCIS and he asks if there is a letter with it. I say Oh yeah and hand him the packet from USCIS. I then tell him I also have the Nat Pet and D of I certified from the courts in NJ. He takes that too. He says that I am eligible at this point. OK
- Dad’s BC - OK, NYC certified , apostille w/translation – He notices that the same person who does the certification for NYC is Norman G. He tells me Norman was there when he was at the New York consulate.
- Mom’s BC copy - OK
- Parent’s marriage certificate - OK - Apostille
- My birth cert , apostille w/translation - OK – I show him I had to have it amended to reflect my dad’s non-americanized name (Giuseppe) vs. Joseph.
- Wife’s BC copy – OK - not needed at all, but takes it
- My Marriage cert, apostille w/translation - OK – He notes it’s from US Virgin Islands and we get into the conversation about his time in the Miami consulate.
- My kids BC’s, apostille w/translation – OK. Asks me if there are any name issues with the kids BC’s. I say no they have my last name and so does my wife 

I offer to give him my GF & GM’s death certificates. He doesn’t think it is necessary but takes them. I explain that it is in the instructions to do so. He explains that things are running differently now that the previous person in charge of Jure Sanguis is not there. He says that he is really looking for the documents to prove citizenship and not a lot of other paperwork to confuse things. That was asked for by the previous person in charge (Ms. Stone).

I also give him a copy of my DL and Passport. He doesn’t ask for or forgets to ask for my actual DL.

He explains that Mr. Cei was born in the US and fluent in English and has this down pat.

He asks if I have filled out the Have Not Renounced forms (The “2” forms). I show him I filled out 2B for me. He says that I need to fill one out for my dad and for myself. He uses my form 2B for my GF. He prints and I fill in a 2B for my father. He prints a 2A and has me fill it out. At this point I don’t think that is right, but to be honest I have established a good rapport with him and don’t want to chance anything. I fill it all out and he asks me if I have an AIRE form filled out. I give that to him.
He asks if my email is on the application and that if they have any questions they will email me. He says Mr. Cei is really good about getting back to folks. I explain I know that because he confirmed my appt by email the same day I sent it.
AIRE form leads to an interesting conversation. He asks why I want to have myself registered in the commune of Resuttano and also asks if that was the commune of his last residence in Italy. I say I’m not exactly sure what commune was the last one he last resided in. But I wanted to be registered in Resuttano because both side of my family are from there. I explain quickly that both sides were from there and then my GGM & GGF moved the family to Palermo area where my GF was born. So I consider Resuttano the commubne of origin for my family. He says he understand and that is OK. I was thinking he would think me crazy but he understands…very cool.

He clips all my docs into their piles. One for proving my case, the other pile that does that but he has to send to the commune as well. He says that I should get a letter within a few months and then I can start with the passport work for myself and my kids. We stand up and he then says that my wife needs to do a different process (which I know but enjoy him explaining it). He says she wasn’t born Italian like myself and my children, so she is an American gaining Italian citizenship. It really hits me at this point that an Italian person in the consulate considers me to be born Italian.

He shakes my hand and we walk out of his office. As we are walking I say that it is a beautiful building (It is gorgeous inside). He points out to me, as we are going by, that the younger gentleman behind the desk is Mr. Cei. I wave to him and then feel like a dork because he has no clue who I am. But he waves back anyway.

I walk out the door and am suddenly hit with “What do I do now?” feeling. So I decide I want go downtown and see a vehicle prototype (Tesla Model-S) they have on display at the Autodesk Gallery. I decide to walk the 2.4 miles down there. As I am walking in the gorgeous weather I feel good and go over every detail in my mind.

I am now at the airport waiting for my flight typing this up. I am hoping it goes well when Mr. Cei reviews the docs. I think that’s it. It’s now wait and see.
Joseph F Genduso, PMP, MEng, MBA

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Re: SFO Appt Re-Cap - 5 April 2011

Post by jennabet » 12 Apr 2011, 07:41

......He explains that things are running differently now that the previous person in charge of Jure Sanguis is not there. He says that he is really looking for the documents to prove citizenship and not a lot of other paperwork to confuse things.....

Wonderful that San Francisco is up to the task. By the way, Nancy D'Alesandro Pelosi is from San Francisco. Since 2008, she has had more than one meeting in Italy. In 2009, while in Rome, she received an award from the Italian Foreign Minister, Franco Frattini and he also presented her with the birth certificates of her grand-parents who were from Abruzzo and Liguria. Thus, we now have our very own first generation, Italian-American, born and raised in the Silicon Valley in charge of the jus sanguinis applications at the San Francisco consulate. Congratulations to Alessio Cei.

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Re: SFO Appt Re-Cap - 5 April 2011

Post by signoretti » 12 Apr 2011, 22:22

Hello jgenduso ~

Congratulations on your appointment!!!It is so exciting!!! My appointment was in San Francisco at 11:30 the same day as yours. We drove down to San Francisco (5 hours) on Monday and made it a family trip. I met with Mr. Cei and he had explained his hectic morning to us. My appointment went perfect. Mr. Cei was wonderful!!
What a beautiful place the consulate is. It is so amazing!! The very nice lady working behind the front glass took a picture of my family and I inside the very nice room with the stairs off to the side. It was so special!!!
The weather in San Francicso was amazing!!
Great news is that my mother and brother had thier citizenship appt. in L.A. in November of 2010 and last Monday my mom and brother received there acceptance letter!!

Congratualtions again ~
Signoretti :D
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