Getting GG grandfather's birth cert. from Italy

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Getting GG grandfather's birth cert. from Italy

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I'm trying to get my GG grandfather's birth cert. from Italy, which I'll need for dual citizenship, and I'm at my wits end! I've tried everything! I've mailed the Comune (in Caserta) twice, I've emailed them, I've faxed them, EVERYTHING. Nothing, no response.

I always wait at least two months before sending a follow up (usually more than two months, actually). I sent a fax a month ago, and am considering sending one more.

One thing I'm REALLY worried about, is that they sent me the record, but it got lost in the mail or something, and now they're just ignoring my requests.

My question is, is there ANY other way (short of calling the comune directly) that I can get these certs? Is there any company that assists in such requests that you can recommend, I'm willing to pay whatever it takes (within reason, obviously).



I'm also waiting on his nat. record from USCIS, does anyone know how long that will take to get here? I placed my order a month ago. I'm hoping it will get here before we move at the end of May/1st of June, but I understand they can be difficult.
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