"No Record" questions and Remarried question - philly

Over 25 million Italians have emigrated between 1861 and 1960 with a migration boom between 1871 and 1915 when over 13,5 million emigrants left the country for European and overseas destinations.
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"No Record" questions and Remarried question - philly

Post by twylitemyst » 30 May 2011, 01:25

Hi all,

I have 2 questions and will be applying for my jure sanguinis through the Philadelphia consulate. At this time I am collecting the paperwork and calling Tuesday, May 31, to make my appointment.

My blood lineage: Me -> Mother -> Grandfather -> Great Grandfather

Question 1: "No Record" letters
My great grandfather came to America, married, had 5 children, and then returned to Italy. I have requested the Certificata Residenza e di cittadinanza italiana from the corresponding comune. Do I also need to provide a "No Record" statement to prove he was not naturalized during the 12 years he lived in the US?
If I do need to get the No Record statement, I read on the NARA website that they do not issue them, instead I must get it from USCIS. The USCIS website says the may issue a "Nonexistence of Record" letter based on an agency decision. Does anyone have experience with USCIS to get said letter? What is involved? What do I need to provide to USCIS? How long does it take?

Question 2: Multiple Marriages of great grandmother
My great grandfather, whom I'm tracing my line through, abandoned his wife in America to return to Italy. My grandfather was their first child (of 5). My great grandmother somehow managed to have him declared dead a few years later to remarry. After 11 more children (I'm not kidding - you should see the family reunions!) her second husband died (for real) and she remarried a 3rd time. Also, in 1961 when my mother was 17, she naturalized. Do I need copies of her other 2 marriage certificates and naturalization record if she is indirect to the citizenship lineage?

Many many thanks for your assistance in advance! :D

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