Naturalization Services for NO RECORDS

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Naturalization Services for NO RECORDS

Post by grandpa77 » 26 Jun 2011, 17:51

I'm looking for Naturalization records and I saw the services of and he seems to have a good service (see bottom of this post).

However I think I already performed part of this service myself. Can someone tell me what else I need to do in order to prove NO Naturalization without paying 200 euros?

1. I already performed a USCIS search at and paid $20 for a search. Easy!
2. I searched all the online census records at Ancestry & Easy!

How can I get a certification of "NO RECORDS" from NARA ? Who does this ?
How can I get a certification of "NO RECORDS" from County Court?
How can I get a certification of "NO RECORDS" from US Dept. of Commerce Census Report

I would just rather do it myself than pay 200 euros who does not care as much as I do.

Can someone help me who has been through this "No Records of Naturalization" process


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Services:

In the event that your ancestor became a naturalized US citizen, we provide an administrative service so that you will be able to obtain your ancestor's Naturalization Certificate from (USCIS) U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services, additional naturalization information from NARA (National Archives) and the local court system.

In the event that your ancestor never became a naturalized US citizen it must be proven with a certification of "NO RECORDS" from the following:
1. USCIS, 2. NARA (National Archives), 3. the local County Court and 4. a Census Report from the US Dept. of Commerce.

Our service will allow you to obtain this automatically.

Additionally, As soon as we receive your order we will also search the available on line US Census records (1900 - 1930) for your ancestor which, if found, will reveal and confirm your ancestors citizenship status. This allows you the confidence to continue forward in your pursuit of obtaining dual citizenship before investing a great deal of time or expending unnecessary costs for something that would otherwise not materialize.

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Re: Naturalization Services for NO RECORDS

Post by sforza » 27 Jun 2011, 18:21

If you do a search of this site, you will find a many posts with instructions as to how to contact the appropriate authorities. In short, you should get onto ... 18190aRCRD and this will tell you how to request a "certification of non-existence of record." Also write the NARA offices in each region where your ancestors lived ( for no-records ltrs (they do not do "certifications of nonexistence of records"). Then, depending on the state, either write the state or county clerk in each locality where your ancestory lived. (In NJ, for instance, you write the state for county records. In PA, you write the prothonotary of each county. In NY, you write the County/borough clerks.) This will be especially important for immigrants in the US before 1906 - when naturalization was handled on the local and not the federal level. As well, even after 1906 sometimes people went through localities.

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