NYC journey so far....

Over 25 million Italians have emigrated between 1861 and 1960 with a migration boom between 1871 and 1915 when over 13,5 million emigrants left the country for European and overseas destinations.
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NYC journey so far....

Post by SChiarini » 21 Jul 2011, 06:37

I was going to wait to post this until I heard from the consulate but I may as well share now...

My first appointment was in Sept 2010 in NYC (after nearly a 1 year wait) I am going through my ggf--> gm--> f ---> me. I got there very early and was told to go have breakfast around the corner as the office wasn't even open yet (i was very eager if you couldn't tell) I brought my father with me, I was unsure if it would be a problem ,but they let us up. When I was finally let it I was ushered straight up and seen right away. I met with Emilio. He offered little small talk and got straight down to business. I had all my documents in a file, starting from the oldest to newest. I believe he asked for my ID and a utility bill before he asked for the documents though but I'm not too sure. Everything was looked over very very carefully- and he went back and forth between documents multiple times.

GGF bc from Italy-- OK
GGM bc from Italy --- Angela Ok
GGF GGM marriage cert from NY Francesco Proscia and Angelina Ferrante (no comment was made about the Angela to Angelina) OK?
*** GM bc *** this posed to be the BIGGEST problem of all. My GGM name on my GM bc states Lena Angeline and Lena Proscia when it really is Angelina Ferrante and Angelina Proscia. Emilio asked "WHo is Lena" I said well that was her nickname... he said I needed to have this corrected but entered this information in the computer anyway. After MONTHS of arguing with vital records they said I needed a court order - which proved to be impossible... So at the end of March 2011 I handed in the Bc with the discrepancy and figured whatever happened, happened.

GF bc OK
GM and GF marriage certificate OK the officer never questioned this document however I went over my copies when I got home and noticed my grandmother had a middle initial on her marriage cert but it didnt appear on any other documents..... hoping it will not pose a problem as i think it might be impossible to change.... also her mothers last name is FerrantE and it appears as FerrantI on the certificate... again this was not brought up and I hope it won't be a problem
F bc OK
M bc OK
F and M marriage-- he did not question my fathers (direct line) name change from StephAn to StephEn on his marriage certificate ,although I brought it up for peace of mind, he said if my father wanted to obtain citizenship then I would have to get it corrected.... What I found strange was he questioned my mothers(non direct line) name (Maryann on bc and Mary Ann on marriage) I figured I would have them both corrected and dropped it off not too long after the apt as I figured it couldn't hurt.
M bc OK

As I said before, I was FINALLY able to correct my GM bc but only after personally going down to vital records and speaking to a supervisor .. Ms Timbers handles those cases and she changed it within 3 days!!!! I couldn't believe it! I wish I would have brought it down earlier or have spoken to her months ago. I had an older brothers bc with the mothers correct name, grandmothers baptismal certificate, her wedding invitation( haha) I laugh because my parents saved all these things, however who knew that would essentially help me change the record that seemed nearly impossible to do! I suggest if anyone else has the same problem to go directly to Ms. Timbers and by pass the BS that they tell u about needing a court order etc etc I waited MONTHS for them to tell me this and finally went to her and she did it in 3 days. Although it does not look official, all she did was draw a line through the incorrect name and put the correct name above it. She also attached a letter that said in NY this is how they amend documents.

Even though they didn't officially ask for the document to be amended (yet), I figured they would be reviewing my case at the moment and decided to drop it at the beg of July. I didn't realize Emilio was on vacation and was told he wouldn't be back until august.... Soo I think my document is just sitting there. :-/. I should have just addressed it to Eva Barone as Shes the one who it gets passed along to anyway.

It's been almost 4 months and I haven't heard anything. I've emailed for a second apt, I've called to see if they received the documents but every time I am blown off. I dont want to annoy them as I know they are extremely busy, but the anxiety is overwhelming sometimes. I'd hate for them to turn around after all this waiting and have them reject me - and then have to wait another 4 months.. But I suppose I have no choice.

All and all, NYC definitely makes you jump through hoops. I cant even begin to tell you how many nights I've cried and stressed over this and can't wait for it to be over. If anyone has any stories or needs advice I would love to hear from you!

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