Difference between 2 certificates: Giovanni Russo

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Difference between 2 certificates: Giovanni Russo

Post by Granadaiscool » 12 Oct 2011, 01:50

I have got 2 cerificates that don't coincide

In Italy. Birth certificate

Name: Giovanni Russo
DOB: 12-9-1883
Place of Birth = Gioa Tauro, Calabria
Father = Vincenzo Russo
Mother = Rosa Ierace

In Argentina, death certificate

Name = Juan Russo
DOB = Not given, only given that he died at 50 years old, that means 1878 or 1879
Nationality = Italian
Date of death = 21-9-1928
Place of death = Capital Federal, Argentina
Married to = Carmen Bustos
Father = Vincente Russo
Mother = Domingo Tablar

So I have basically the 2 following problems

1: The mothers in both certificates don't coincide, any way how this can be solved?

My mom told me her grandfather(Juan/Giovanni) arrived with a brother and uncle in Argentina. When I looked through the manifestos I have found those 3 people at the same boat arriving from Naples. Is there a posibility that Vincenzo Russo arrived later and married in Argentina to Domingo Tablar?

2: The date of the birthcerrifcate don't coincide, any way how to get around it? The Argentine death certificate is written by hand and they might have estimated the age.

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Re: Difference between 2 certificates: Giovanni Russo

Post by johnnyonthespot » 13 Oct 2011, 01:09


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