Has Anyone Had A Recent Appointment At L.A. Consulate?

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Has Anyone Had A Recent Appointment At L.A. Consulate?

Post by AlfaRomeo4Ever » 09 Jan 2012, 07:35


I'm wondering if anybody has had recent experience with the L.A. consulate for citizenship application? I'm living in San Diego, and am under their jurisdiction.

Questions include:

1) How long did you have to wait for an appointment?
2) Exactly what documents did they require, and what docs specifically needed apostilles and/or "authentications?"
3) How lenient were they regarding minor name discrepancies on the docs?

I have not yet made my appointment, as I'm still involved the VERY frustrating process of having documents ammended back in CT. Once I am assured to have all docs in hand, I'll call for an appointment in L.A.

On a side note, the Dept. of Vital Records in CT will make SOME of the changes I've requested, but not all that I asked for. I unfortunately met up with a very unfriendly and reluctant city clerk, whom originally refused ANY attempt on my behalf to have changes made; I had to elevate my pleas to the state level. As a result, a few of the documents will still retain some minor name discrepancies, so I'm hoping that the L.A. consulate is one of the more "forgiving" ones in this regard. I'd rather not have to obtain a court order to clear up the last remaining minor name issues, as I live 3,000 miles away from CT and don't relish the additional legal hassles and having to travel there specifically for this purpose.

San Diego, CA

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