Philadelphia Appointment -- TOMORROW

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Philadelphia Appointment -- TOMORROW

Post by anitapgh » 07 Mar 2012, 18:45

Alright crew, the moment of truth has almost arrived. After two long years of searching for documents, calling disconnected numbers at various clerks' offices to track down birth certificates, check after check for apostilles, translations, etc, and momentary freakouts about all documents having accidentally been thrown away at some indeterminate point--The home stretch is finally here.

I was out of the country traveling for six months and just returned one week in advance of my appointment. Stressfully, I'd given my documents to a friend who works at an Italian department at a university, only to find out she forgot all about them. I contacted Gabriella in the 11th hour and she should have everything to me TODAY--just under the wire. She's been very professional and great to work with.

I have some confusion about Form 3--does the living ancestor himself need to fill it out and sign it?

Otherwise, should be ready to roll. I'll check back in after the appointment and let y'all know how it went.


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Re: Philadelphia Appointment -- TOMORROW

Post by ForzaItaliaPgh » 07 Mar 2012, 19:02

Buona Fortuna! Lia at the consulate is fantastic to work with. Form 3, if memory serves, is the declaration that an ancestor never renounced Italian Citizenship, right? Assuming it is, then yes you have to have that signed by your ancestor. Also, that needs notarized or you'll need a picture id with the ancestor's signature (Driver's License will work). If you don't manage to get it in time for your appt, they will let you mail it to them once you are home. I had mine signed, but I had to mail them photocopies of the Driver Licenses. Please disregard this if I'm thinking of the wrong form.
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