Which school did he attend ?

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Which school did he attend ?

Post by luclor97 » 18 May 2012, 19:27

my request of help is how to do to find which school my ancestors attended...He was born in Carnegie, his parents lived in Noblestown Road, Collier and were owners of the United States Macaroni Factory. The student was Ralph E. Bisi born October 28, 1892 from Emilia and Frank Bonistalli.

Later his profession was pianist ...(musician)... Maybe he attended a conservatory ? Is there a conservatory in Pittsburgh ?

I already asked at Pittsburgh University, but he didn't attend this school.

I really hope in your help !!!
Sorry for my english...

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Re: Which school did he attend ?

Post by KarenChristino » 23 May 2012, 02:53


I searched quite a bit for my grandfather's public school records in New York, but it appears that they no longer exist. If he attended a private school or college that is still operating, you may have a better chance of finding something. The Pittsburgh Music Academy is in Carnegie and you might also try Duquense University (not sure of how long either of them has been around). You can also try a Google search for other music schools in Pittsburgh.

If they have student information it would probably be in their archives, so you should contact the archives. If you can't find that, contact someone in the library. If you find someone who appears to be knowledgeable but doesn't have what you're looking for, I'd suggest asking them what you're next steps should be.

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