Civil Marriage Certificate

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Civil Marriage Certificate

Post by catshouse2 » 22 May 2012, 13:34

I have a (what I have been told) is a civil marriage certificate for my GGF &GGM from 1895 from NYC. I need church information. Does anyone know if there is likely any additional information at the NYC archives or at the NA connected to this certificate?

I have been told 2 different scenarios-
1. the religious ceremony happened first and then the civil after (religious probably happened in haste) and the religious supercedes the civil. If this is the case why go through the civil?
2. someone else said the civl was a like a petition to marry, registered first and then the religious happened next.

Any input would be appreciated.

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Re: Civil Marriage Certificate

Post by KarenChristino » 23 May 2012, 02:41


Do you have the actual marriage record, which is 2 pages with personal and family information, or just an extract of it? If you just have an extract, you should get the full record. This will have a page listing the person performing the ceremony and perhaps also the church. What I believe often happened was that they got the marriage license from the City first, then had the wedding in the church and then the priest filled out the form which was returned to the City to register it.

In my great-aunt's record, it did not name the church, but I was able to search for the officiant's name online and find the church he was connected with at that time. For another great-aunt, it was just a civil ceremony since the husband had been divorced. It was stamped with the officiant's name as County Clerk or something of that sort. You should be able to tell once you have the full record.

Good luck,

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