Proof of residency to get passport?

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Proof of residency to get passport?

Post by 846newyorker » 03 Jun 2012, 16:21

I have recently had my consulate appointment here in New York, where I currently live. I will be moving from my current address (and mostly likely out of New York) by the end of the summer. I've already shown my proof of address so that I could be processed at the New York consulate. I'm assuming I won't receive my recognition letter before I move and it will make its way to me by forwarding.

Now, once I've received my recognition letter (fingers crossed), will I still have to prove I live in New York? Or can I apply for the passport anywhere?

Thanks for any thoughts.

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Re: Proof of residency to get passport?

Post by droe » 03 Jun 2012, 19:38

Should you move prior to receiving any communication from the Consulate contact them with your new address and any contact details including your email and any land line or cell phone numbers.

You do not want them trying to contact you and not be able to reach you. If there are any questions at the last minute (and there might be - I got a call two weeks prior to my letter arrving about a date that needed to be clarified), you don't want them to put you at the bottom of a pile due to a non contact issue.

If you move within the states that the NYC Consulate is responsible for you will still have to apply in NYC for your passport. To cover all your bases I would bring proof of residence just in case, you are dealing with New York.

It is important to keep them informed as if and when your recognization is granted you need to see that your A.I.R.E. registration is up to date as well.

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