Amended Certificate

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Amended Certificate

Post by castle34 » 14 Aug 2012, 21:40

I am at my wits end and cannot get an answer from the Italian Consulate in NY nor from my representative's office.

My husband is applying for dual Italian citizenship in category one.

His mother's papers show five different names: Josie, Josepine, Josephine with her maiden name, Josephine with her first husband's surname, and Josephine with her second husband's surname. The NY Italian Consulate insists that the names be identical. It insists that the papers be amended. The city and state Vital Records Departments and the local Probate Judge will not amend them.

Also, one birth date is off by one day and one death date is off by one year.

Also on one of the birth certificates the birth surname was originally misspelled but the father's incorrect surname spelling was not corrected.

I have asked the Italian Consulate several times who or what office can amend the certificates but have yet to receive an answer. I cannot go any further with this until I know how to proceed.

Does anyone know who can amend incorrect certificates?

Thanks for a reply.

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Re: Amended Certificate

Post by investorhouston » 29 Aug 2012, 19:04

Have you made any progress with this?

I'm having similar issues, with my grandmother, whose also named Josephine.

I'm in Texas and have been told different things by different workers at the state vital records here. As of now, I think I can amend my moms birth cert but I've been told that I can't amend my gp's marriage license.

In cases where I can't amend, I'm trying to get a certified record, stating such, and then other official docs to verify the info I claim is correct (SS records, baptismal records, etc.)

I've also heard mention of a 'record of one and the same' but I'm only just now dealing with this and feeling my way as I go.. More experienced members could probably help more with this, but it doesn't seem like you've gotten a response.

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Re: Amended Certificate

Post by mler » 30 Aug 2012, 17:49

There should be no problem accepting the surnames as is if you have the marriage and divorce records. The marriage record explains the first surname change, and the divorce papers and second marriage papers explain the second surname change. There is no requirement in the US that a wife keep her maiden name, and the consulate is well aware of this. There should be no need for any surname amendments if you produce those documents.

If the father's name is incorrect on a birth certificate that originates in NYC, an amendment can be made easily if the holder of the bc is still living. I successfully changed my father's name on my birth certificate by submitting my father's birth certificate with my request. If the holder of the bc is no longer living, it may be more difficult.

On what documents are the given name discrepancies?

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