Error on moms birth record

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Error on moms birth record

Post by investorhouston » 28 Aug 2012, 07:37


I have two mistakes on documents and was wondering if/how I should go about correcting them.

My moms birth cert has my gm's age wrong. It says 24 when she was 32. This would put her birth after my ggfs naturalization. I have death cert and birth certs to corroborate my dates.

Is this a problem? If so how do I amend a deceased gm's birth cert in Texas?

Also on my gms marriage license it lists her as josie plazzo when all the other documents have josephine palazzo and her age is also wrong. Would this be a problem?

If so how do I change this?

All the other documents match up rather nicely besides these. I have the divorce decree on the way so I can look at how she's listed there.


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