Italian Record Request - Use, Formats and Postage

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Italian Record Request - Use, Formats and Postage

Post by digatta » 04 Sep 2012, 20:49

i'm getting ready to request my GGF and GGM birth / marriage records from italy.

1) the woman at the commune said it was *very* *important* to make sure that i specify the correct "use" type on the request b/c they would print this "use" on the records they send me and that if i didn't specify the correct "use" the consulate required, they'd deem them invalid.

she didn't know which use type to specify and said the consulate would know but there is no mention of a use type in the consulate instructions and i'm not sure if the consulate likes to answer questions like this directly from email. fwiw, the only use type the woman at the commune knew about was a "genealogy" "use".

does anybody know if this is the correct use type or what it should be?

2) the consulate i'm applying to stated that i need to request the italian documents in “formato internazionale” or the “estratto per riassunto” formats.

the commune in italy i'm applying to seems to have either "certificato" or "estratto" formats. so obviously, requesting the estratto will be in compliance. but i think i read in another forum post that one of the formats has more info on it than the other even though the short hand version with less info might be the one the consulate wants.

i'm not sure which one is which though and thought it might be good to have the longer more detailed information record in addition to the one the consulate requires. if anybody knows what i'm talking about and can shed some light that would be great.

would prefer not to have to make the italian commune pull records that won't shed any extra light if they don't have to but i'm having fun searching and learning about my past and more info is better.

3) this commune won't accept cash to put return postage on an envelope. they want an envelope with italian postage already on it sufficient enough to get it back to me in the states and w/don't check if it's accurate or not (e.g. they simply drop the records in the envelope and send it out).

so what is the latest / best method for getting the right postage on the envelope i'll send them with my request? i've seen some mention of it in other posts but want to see if anything is changed in this regard.

thx much

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