divorce decree requirements

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divorce decree requirements

Post by ktpoloni » 27 Sep 2012, 02:27

Concerning the translation of the "divorce decree". What, if not all, needs translation? Just the "decree" or additionally all the exhibits and affidavits, i.e. "Child Support Affidavit". Also, does the "Notice of Entry of Decree of Divorce" also need to be included?


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Re: divorce decree requirements

Post by jcat » 27 Sep 2012, 16:00

Hi, I would think that the judgement and decree only would suffice to be translated, not 100% sure though.... if the officer reviewing your docs for citizenship asks for those other docs pertaining to your divorce,which I doubt,then all they will ask is that you have those other docs translated and mailed to the consulate....if somethings missing they will let you know but you will not be asked to appear at the consulate again, good luck!

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