Question about naturalization record I found

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Question about naturalization record I found

Post by drewm » 24 Dec 2013, 19:10

The only record I could find of my Great Grand Father was a simple index card with the following info.

LastName,FirstName Vol-XXX No-XXXXX Pge XXX

Here is a redacted version of the index card, it was found using and was listed under.
Large Image

The letters DEB are at the top of the card.

"New York, County Naturalization Records, 1791-1980"
Event Type: Naturalization
Bronx, New York, United States
Petition for naturalization index 1914-1932 C-E

I will show whoever can help unredacted version via PM im not really worried about the info being shown in public but im not sure on the forums rules about it etc.

I am curious if anyone has seen this before and if it is died to the initial filing of the papers or a citation that he was granted his final papers.

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Re: Question about naturalization record I found

Post by jmb44 » 02 Jan 2014, 20:44

I found a similar card for my ancestors. It was tied to the "Declaration of intention to naturalize". The National Archives can find the actual petition. I live in N. California and was able to contact a local branch of the national archives to obtain the document. Apparently these records can be held at local branches. The Declaration of Intention documents will give you information about your relative, but won't tell you whether or not they completed the process. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services provides the search to determine if they completed the naturalization process.

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