NARA non-existence search question/concern

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NARA non-existence search question/concern

Post by puglisigeraci » 01 Feb 2014, 03:41


I requested a search for my ancestor via NARA, and I received the following:

"This response concerns your recent request that NARA issue a certification of non-existence of naturalization records for the purposes of dual-citizenship. Unfortunately, we are unable to satisfy your request.

NARA's policy was created for three reasons: 1) USCIS has exclusive authority over any matters concerning citizenship records after 1906, 2) USCIS is the legal custodian of any record of naturalization since 1906, and 3) USCIS possesses a copy of any naturalization records since 1906.

As a result of these facts, which are supported by existing legal authorities, any search or certification by NARA would be unnecessary and merely duplicate the work of USCIS in issuing a certification of non-existence. If you believe that your situation presents an extenuating circumstance such that an additional record search is necessary, please contact me at (REDACTED) to further discuss the matter."

The Executive for Research Services, NARA

.... this does not appear to be the NARA non-existence record everyone talks about. It is signed, however, he simply e-mailed it to me and also stated that I may present this as official to the consulate in question.

Will this suffice for NARA? I do already have the Cert of Non-Existence for USCIS, a certified copy of the 1915 NYS census listing my GGGF as alien after my GGF's birth, and am currently working on the county court no-record documents.

If it will not, can you please give me guidance on who to contact over at NARA? An e-mail or phone number perhaps?

Thank you!

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