Applying for Jure Sanguinis in Dubai

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Applying for Jure Sanguinis in Dubai

Post by CatDubai » 09 Aug 2014, 18:09

Hi all,

Has anyone tried to apply for citizenship in the UAE? I am wondering about the wait times. Has anybody applied as an expat overseas and gotten their citizenship quickly?

I am an American citizen with a residency visa in Dubai and I have already been informed that I qualify by the NYC consulate.

I thought this might be an important new thread because there are so many expats in the region who are forever searching for new ways to move & work in different countries.


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Re: Applying for Jure Sanguinis in Dubai

Post by jennabet » 10 Aug 2014, 12:17

Ciao CatDubai. I was an American expat with legal residence in Mexico when I applied for Italian citizenship jure sanguinis through the Italian Embassy in Mexico City. The Embassy forwarded my documents to and co-ordinated my case with the Italian consulate in Philadelphia, which is the jurisdiction where all of my US documents originated. Actually, the Philadelphia consulate did all of the work but communicated with me through the embassy in Mexico and I received my Italian passport in Mexico. I had the passport in hand six months after submitting my documents to the embassy. Your case should work in a similar fashion.

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