1948 Rule is gender discrimination, it can be beat!

Over 25 million Italians have emigrated between 1861 and 1960 with a migration boom between 1871 and 1915 when over 13,5 million emigrants left the country for European and overseas destinations.
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1948 Rule is gender discrimination, it can be beat!

Post by Dallendria » 02 Oct 2014, 15:14

I've just been going through the posts and noticed a few people still discussing the 1948 rule and enquiring about it. One individual commented how he went through a lawyer and was able to get it overturned, which is great! I just wanted to reiterate that it certainly can be fought (and won) on the basis it is gender discrimination.

I went through the dual citizenship process myself (I now work in the UK, yay!) however, I was one of the lucky ones, in that, I didn't have to fight the 1948 rule. Up until recently, I was under the assumption you couldn't do anything if that were the case. I couldn't find ANYTHING else on the internet about it. It was really discouraging telling a few friends they couldn't do anything if they wanted to go through to take the same route as me but couldn't, due to the 1948 rule.

But now I'm happy to help spread the word! I'm working with one lawyer in particular, Massimiliano Castellari. I've written a blog post and interviewed Massimiliano if anyone would like more information. You can read it here: http://kassandraperlongo.wordpress.com/ ... ry-1-1948/

I enjoyed interviewing Massimiliano, I found him easy to talk to and knowledgeable. I'm also attaching a research article Massimiliano and a colleague put together. Although it is in Spanish, there are a few paragraphs in English about the gender discrimination lawsuits. As I work for Oxford University I'm also helping him work with a professor at Oxford to write a new research article about it.

Feel free to email me at Kassandra.perlongo@gmail.com if you'd like to ask me any questions, I'm happy to help as best as I can. Hope that helps one person out there who needs it. Let's keep spreading the word for anyone else out there searching for more information.


Articulo Rosario.pdf
Research article written by Massimiliano Castellari
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Re: 1948 Rule is gender discrimination, it can be beat!

Post by carubia » 08 Oct 2014, 08:12

We've been reporting about successful 1948 cases for a few years on the Italian Citizenship Message Board (cf. http://italiancitizenship.freeforums.or ... t2382.html). They've become rather routine now. What's more novel has been the expansion of this interpretation to its logical conclusion, resulting in people overcoming the "1912 rule" and "1983 rule," too. There are fewer and fewer people of Italian descent not qualifying for citizenship recognition.

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